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How to Create a Bitcoin Faucet. Part 1

Once you have decided to create a Bitcoin Faucet, this article can help you. But first ask yourself why you need a website? Do you want to earn? From my experience I would say that you should not wait for large earnings from Bitcoin faucet. Moreover, there may be no earnings at all especially if the site of young. Of course, it also depends on the advertising that you put in the Bitcoin Faucet, and the number of visitors, and other factors. Do you want just to get the experience with creating websites? Creating and configuring Bitcoin faucet is not so complicated and will help you learn the basics of what is behind of all these sites that you see every day. If you do not change your mind again, read on (more…)


What is Bitcoin

It was 2008 when someone whom we know as Satoshi Nakamoto whose identity is still anonymous, published a document called «Bitcoin P2P e-cash paper». This was the beginning of the triumphal march of the new digital currency or as it is often called crypto currency – Bitcoin . But still , Bitcoin – what is it ?



Bitcoin faucets from ePay

They are special. They differ in design from other Bitcoin faucets. They give the opportunity to earn more Satoshi. These are Bitcoin faucets from ePay – a new and promising micropayment service. Although there are only few of them, but it’s not a reason not to give them attention. In the future, ePay promises to make their scripts of Bitcoin faucets free for all so everyone can make his own Bitocin faucet. In the meantime, let’s get acquainted with them closer and start getting free Satoshi. (more…)